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Himalayan Health and Environmental Services Solukhumbu (HHESS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization legally registered at District Administration Office, Solukhumbu in August 30, 1994 and affiliated with Social Welfare Council, Nepal in December 26, 1994.

HHESS has been designing and implementing programmes to improve the living conditions of poor and vulnerable rural communities in Nepal since its inception. Our core areas are Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition, Basic Education, infrastructure and capacity building.

HHESS has been working with external donor organizations in the field of reproductive health, education, conservation, environment preservation and prominently in the field of health and nutrition with a focus to help reduce high rate of maternal and child malnutrition in Nepal.

Core philosophy of HHESS is guided by its organizational commitment to help bring about an awareness of reproductive health, nutrition and basic education and improve rural infrastructures in these sectors through measures of capacity building of the rural poor living in remote areas of Nepal. Providing specialized health services through a pool of public health professionals, nutritionists and trained clinicians, supporting government mechanism existing at all levels with support from international donors, UN agencies and INGOs have been some of the key characteristics of the HHESS over the years since its inception.

To help build a global community moving forward together where individuals can live with dignity and help each other create healthy and sustainable life styles for future generations to follow.

To cater to the need of qualitative health and education of the poor people of Nepal and preserve clean environment, thereby strengthening the universal rights of the poor, women, children and general population of Nepal and help realize key objectives in a tangible manner through health, education and nutrition initiatives in the long run.

To provide basic health, educational and environmental services in poor and vulnerable communities to promote healthy and sustainable community development.

Mainly the programmes are focused on securing maternal and child health, infrastructure building, capacity building, environmental conservation, conducting various researches, baselines, follow-ups and specific programme evaluations on social issues and awareness-raising of social and environmental issues among individuals and communities.

Organizational Structure